A Free Encrypted Web Proxy for Android

There is a new Bandwidth Management feature in Chrome on Android that also provides some helpful security properties.  When Bandwidth Management is enabled, Chrome encrypts any unencrypted websites and also unblocks any sites that may be censored by a firewall. Turning it on is just a few clicks away:

What does it do?  Bandwidth Management will take every unencrypted (HTTP) webpage and send it through an encrypted SPDY tunnel to a Google proxy server.   The proxy reformats images, optimizes webpages, and compresses the webpages all before sending them back down to you. It’s basically a free VPN for your mobile web browser. What are it’s limitations?  It won’t proxy encrypted webpages (HTTPS), which might cause problems if the page you’re requesting is blocked. And it won’t proxy web pages in incognito mode, to protect your privacy. So don’t go surfing in incognito mode if you’re trying take advantage of this encrypted proxy. More info here:  https://developer.chrome.com/multidevice/data-compression